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Clinton Township Party Bus serves many of the same types of events, especially at certain times of the year, like prom time, holidays, and the most popular months for weddings. We think you'll be surprised to hear about a few of our more popular events though! They're ones that might not immediately come to mind. No matter the nature of your event, if you have a group of passengers needing to travel, we will be there with the best possible mode of transportation. Here are our top ten:

1. Weddings

Couples tying the knot are definitely our most frequent customers, and we love the fact that they often come back to us for their honeymoon transportation and anniversary party transportation in the years to come! We offer dependable, reliable services with wedding package prices that you're sure to love. It's just one of the ways we look out for the newlyweds!

2. Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Okay, to be honest, bachelor and bachelorette parties might actually be tied with weddings for the #1 spot. After all, these "final flings" are pretty synonymous with the phrase "party bus!" Enjoy your last night of freedom to the fullest extent with a party bus from Clinton Township Party Bus. There's truly no better way to enjoy a night out with your closest friends. Did we mention that our buses come with stripper poles?

3. Birthday Parties

Regardless of age, from 21 to 101 and beyond, a party bus is a purely awesome mode of travel for that special day. Your day of birth is an important one, and Clinton Township Party Bus is along for the ride. No matter where you're headed and no matter with whom, this is the best way celebrate another year, and the only way to remember your birthday for years to come.

4. Anniversary Celebrations

Falling in line with our bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding transportation, anniversaries come next, and our customers especially love taking advantage of our services for anniversary wine tours! It's a great way to celebrate the love that you and your significant other share. There's nothing quite as romantic as a tour through the beautiful wine country while you sit back and relax underneath ambient lighting.

5. Sweet Sixteen Parties

Many people don't tie the idea of teens and party buses together in their minds, but think about it – what better way is there to cut out distracted driving and know that your teens are safe on the road?

6. High School Proms

By the time your kids are going to their prom, they've got friends who are pressuring them to drink and then drive. Renting them a party bus is the best way to ensure their safety and also give them an amazing experience.

7. Corporate Events

You'd be surprised at how many business events we provide transportation for. Many businesspeople come into the area through Detroit Metro Airport, and we get them to and from their planes and meetings on time! Not to mention, meeting potential clients on a party bus is one great way to seal the deal with them. You'll be pulling out all of the stops and reaping all of the rewards when you decide to use our services!

8. Road Trips

When you think of a road trip, do you picture you and your friends squished into your tiny car, trying to make the best of things? Forget that! Pile into a party bus and discover what a spacious and comfy ride can do for your trip. You'll get to enjoy comfortable amenities as you roll through the streets to your destination. There's truly no better way to celebrate!

9. Family Reunions

What's even better than sending an invitation to a family reunion? Sending a party bus along to pick your family members up and bring them to the reunion safely. It's a surprising and smart gesture for older family members who may not be able to drive there on their own, and it's just a wonderful surprise for everyone else! This way, everyone can drink as much as they want to deal with each other, and you'll never have to worry about arguing with your family about who will be the designated driver.

10. Romantic Getaways

Didn't see that one coming, did you? You'd be surprised how many couples rent one of our huge buses all to themselves, or sometimes two couples will call us up for a really fun double date. It can get pretty cozy in there with the mood lighting and the rear VIP area in our largest bus! Consider this idea for your anniversaries and special "just us" occasions. Very romantic and unique!

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